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Blue Waterfall

This is an interesting drink I stumbled upon on a random night out in the city with uni friends.

It is called the Blue Waterfall.

You can get it at the Melbourne Central Lion Hotel (located on level 3 of Melbourne Central shopping centre, next to Hoyts cinema).

It is a must try.

If you’re not sold, check out the drink recipe

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When uni students venture into the city…

Automatic/The Pub at Crown

Uni night is: Monday

While not strictly uni pubs, Automatic and The Pub have some excellent Monday night deals for the students who are willing to leave the comfort of their local haunts and venture across the Yarra to Southbank.

Start the night at the Automatic Cafe with half price woodfire pizzas and a few pots of beer and cider, also half price.  Grab a table outside with full view of the river and Crown Casino fire towers, which erupt every hour when it gets dark.

In my opinion, you can’t go past the tandoori chicken pizza and an ice-cold pot of Heineken.

Autos is situated in Crown Casino at 8 Whiteman Street, Southbank.


After enjoying some fine and reasonably priced dining, venture inside the Crown Entertainment Complex and head up the escalator to Level 1.  Past the sports bar, Steakout and right next to the Village Cinemas is The Pub at Crown.

Monday nights have fantastic drink deals from 9pm onwards.  Jãgerbombs, daiquiris, house wine, sparkling wine and pilsners of local draught beer are all $5.  Bargain!  Who said a night out at the casino had to be pricey?

After a few beverages, hit the d-floor and dance the night away to a DJ or the very best karaoke tunes belted out by pub patrons.

Or if you’re game enough (doesn’t matter if its only the $5 Jãgers giving you a bit of liquid courage) jump on the stage and give karaoke a go yourself.  Seriously, think about.  I have only ever done karaoke twice in my life and both times were at this venue.

So while Autos and the Pub do not specifically cater to students, their Monday night deals are unbeatable.  So be brave!  Venture into the city and spend the night at Crown, just for something a little bit different.

Before I go, I’ll leave you with this clip.  Hopefully it inspires you to ask the Pub bartender to have a try..

For my niche…the cash-strapped, carefree pub-goer

In case it wasn’t noticeable in the first post…this blog is more or less for university students in Melbourne who wish to discover the vast and unique nightlife available to them in the city and its suburbs.

I don’t mean to alienate a wider audience, but most of the places I will be reviewing are suited to regularly cash-strapped students simply looking for cheap drinks (or a cheap hook up). Many respectable non-uni students wouldn’t be able to justify nightly trips to the pub like less respectable uni students can.

That being said, Melburnians or those planning a trip to the big city may also find this blog useful. The pubs I am looking at do not cater only to students. I have just chosen to review the uni nights at these places, so it’s likely that the majority of patrons will be of the uni age, socioeconomic status and carefree disposition.

This is part of the beauty of a blog: it gives writers the opportunity to preach to a specific ‘niche’ audience; to specialise and delve into a sphere which interests them or which they know a lot about (perhaps unfortunately for me, that just happens to be pubs).

Who better to introduce you to the university nightlife than someone who frequently experiences it?

This is certainly a benefit of the Web 2.0 era. ‘Produsers’ (a term borrowed from Axel Bruns, “The Future is User-Led: The Path Towards Widespread Produsage”), those who are both Internet users and producers of web content, are invaluable for providing personal, specific information in blogs.

On the flip side, blogging provides Internet users with information on anything and everything they may be interested in. There is infinite choice in the blogosphere because there is a niche audience for almost all topics, but also because the unlimited platform that is the Internet allows for it.

In Web 2.0 circles this shift in trend towards targeting niches is known as the theory of the ‘Long Tail’.

Chris Anderson defined this term on his blog, The Long Tail:

[O]ur culture and economy is increasingly shifting away from a focus on a relatively small number of “hits” (mainstream products and markets) at the head of the demand curve and toward a huge number of niches in the tail.

As there are no physical constraints on media products online, bloggers have the opportunity to engage with an unlimited amount of content. Anderson argues that ‘you can find anything’ online.

Only on the Internet would a platform exist for a publication about seedy uni pubs like this one, not to mention an audience willing to receive such a publication.

So before I spread my knowledge of the Melbourne nightlife, I thought I would direct your attention to two blogs which have basically endeavoured to do the same thing.

The first is the appropriately titled Melbourne Nightlife Blog, which has tasked itself with ‘Keeping track of Melbourne’s bars, pubs and clubs’. Its contains links to news stories about Melbourne nightlife, such as the 2am lockout trial on Melbourne venues, and links to reviews of pubs and clubs in the city and suburbs. The blog also identifies new nightspots.

Melbourne Nightlife Blog

Its layout is simple and easy to follow. It gives snippets of articles and reviews and provides links to the rest of the story. It has no advertising or flashing headings but this effectively adds to the straighforwardness of the site.

The blog is useful for its audience of Melbourne clubbers and pub patrons in that it collates articles from Victorian and national publications such as The Age and ABC News that are specifically relevent to them.  Likewise for the reviews, which are mostly taken from The Age’s ‘Epicure’. These reviews are generally short but give readers a good feel for the venue; its look and service, which I intend to do in Uni Night. These posts is quite conversational and interesting, very appropriate for its niche audience.

It hasn’t been updated in a few months, but keep an eye out for new posts, hopefully soon!

I’d also like to mention Broadsheet Melbourne, a blog concerned with food and drink, nightlife, fashion, arts and entertainment and events in the city and its suburbs.

Broadsheet Melbourne

This site is much more developed than the Melbourne Nightlife Blog, but is just as easy to navigate. It has a very trendy look and is set out well.  The best parts are the directory for Melbourne restaurants, cafes, bars, shops and events and the ‘What’s on in Melbourne’ page.

This blog appeals to wider audience than the Melbourne Nightlife Blog and Uni Night, encompassing anyone looking for things to do in Melbourne. This includes art buffs, fashion enthusiasts or those just looking for a nice restaurant or some retail therapy. However, it certainly appeals to clubbers and bar-hoppers with recommendations for bars and clubs and drink tips.

Its posts resemble magazine style, so fairly informal but well written. These entries aren’t too long but very regular.